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How Maintenance Software can Reduce Wasted Admin Hours

For most property managers, it feels like maintenance issues seem to pile up and all happen at the same time. It almost seems like when one unit reports a problem, all of the other units find out and do the same. Of course there's no way to predict when a pipe will leak or a window will break, but what if there was a way to expedite requests and get ahead of maintenance?SecondKeys is your one stop shop for taking maintenance requests, scheduling great contractors, and keeping track of your property repairs. With the tools we offer, you can expedite your maintenance and give yourself more time in the day.

Cut Down Time Communicating with Tenants

A struggle for a lot of property managers is communicating requests with your tenants. Sorting out complicated maintenance issues or waiting for tenants to respond can take away valuable time that you could be dealing with the problem and moving on to running the rest of your business. With SecondKeys Detailed Ticket Tracking, tenants have a platform where they can share details, make requests, and communicate their needs in a streamlined and transparent system that you can easily share with your contractors.Funneling tenant communications to one place on an organized platform can save you time and reinforces tenant trust and expectations. It's a solution that can completely change the way you communicate with your tenants.

Streamline The Contractor Hiring Process

All property managers try to keep a network of contractors they can depend on, but due to availability and the complexity of maintenance issues it can feel impossible to be ready for every request. SecondKeys Contracting Network gives you access to premium contractors and technicians for any situation.Cutting down time searching and shopping around for contractors can save your schedule and give you piece of mind. A qualified contractor cuts down on future problems and repairs when they're done. Knowing that your contractor is reputable and skilled cuts down on worry today and complications down the line.

Get Ahead Of Your Repairs

Most property managers only find out about a maintenance problem once it's already become an issue. With SecondKeys Preventative Repair Tracking you can review the maintenance history of a unit and even track future issues. Dealing with a broken utility is almost twice as expensive as replacing a utility before it breaks down. Getting ahead of your maintenance issues saves you time and money.Our advantage as a software solution lies in the mindset of our developers. We aren't just looking for ways to improve our software. We're looking for ways to improve your renting experience, no matter what role that plays in your life.To make a difference in your renting experience, drop us a line to learn more!

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