Property Management Tips

How to Handle Difficult Tenants

At SecondKeys, we're all about making relationships easier between property managers, tenants, and contractors, but we know sometimes it's not so simple. Occasionally we all get a tenant that is just determined to be difficult. We've got a few tips on how to make a hairy situation with tenants go a little smoother.

  • Delinquency
    It's hard to battle with those tenants that just don't want to pay, but having your tenants pay rent online is the best way to seamlessly receive payments, create a positive landlord-tenant relationship, and reduce stress for both you and your tenants. Simplifying the processes for rent paying and making it more convenient is your best tactic for dealing with those habitually late payments.
  • Maintenance Complaints
    Communication is key for keeping tenants happy. Those needier clients requite updates on every stage of their maintenance requests. Detailed maintenance documentation can provide evidence to satisfy any fussy renter. More importantly, it's critical for keeping a relationship of trust between you and your tenants. Tenants feel more secure being able to see more details of the repairs they need most.
  • Unexpected Breakdowns
    Unexpected utility breakdowns requires a lot of patience on the tenant side. Those difficult tenants have no shortage impatience. There are ways to avoid the problem completely though! Preventative Repair Tracking saves you more money and keeps more return clients by avoiding costly utility breakdowns. To keep your assets in good working order, ensure safety and possibly fulfill your legal obligations, it’s important that preventative maintenance occurs regularly.
  • Frivolous Lawsuit Threats
    It's super frustrating to get threats from a tenant that's completely unwarranted. Transparency is the best way to avoid confrontations with tenants and show the work that you've provided for them. Keeping a software for maintenance tracking give you the records and transparency you need to solve tenant issues.

Our whole approach is about keeping the property management process clean and simple. That's why we don't require any extra fees for our services!


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