SecondKeys Newsletter: June 27th

Hey guys, Happy June.

SecondKeys attended an event at The Collective and our team member Brad was given a special gift. Today we are honoring him and his accomplishment.

The Collective Memphis is a nonprofit black arts organization that Elevates black artists, Empowers black communities, and is Shifting the culture of Memphis. The Collective is dedicated to providing a platform for African American artists. Through art-based programming for youth, emerging black artists, and art economy infrastructure, they work to bring expression, hope, and economic opportunities to Black Memphis.  

Brad's Message From The Collective -

"The mission of The Collective is to address poverty by creating community and investing in the vision and dreams of young adults. Their yearlong “Leaders Program” helps young adults experiencing unemployment get into careers in high-demand fields (IT, healthcare, skilled trades) by providing intensive life coaching, professional mentorship, access to debt-free certifications and placement in employment. Our vision is that every young adult has the power to live their best life and the tools to make that a reality. Our Ally Program is the source of professional mentors for young adults in our program. An Ally is someone who will walk alongside a young adult, listen to their experiences, learn from them and connect them to resources, when appropriate. Although this is similar to a mentor relationship, we hope that it blossoms into more of a supportive professional friendship."

Brad Moritz was an ally in our inaugural pilot class and at the end of that year, he was awarded the Ally of the Year Award. Brad has always been willing to go the extra mile to support the young adults with whom he is partnered. From sage wisdom to support practicing professional skills, Brad went above and beyond as a partner to our young adults. He not only exemplifies professionalism and quality mentorship, but he is also a wonderful model of lifting others up as you climb. He has helped grow the program by participating in panels, focus groups and championing The Collective in the various spaces to which he has access.

Thanks for listening. Watch out for the next update.


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