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What are the Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate?

If you are going to get involved in investment properties, there’s a lot to think about. Investors need to think about what properties will generate high cash flow and equity. Focus your attention on affordability, growing population, high job growth, etc.

Real Estate Property Trends
Many real estate investors will steer clear of skyrocketing housing prices. When thinking about real estate investment, people tend to think coastal or tropical. Surprisingly, investors are focusing on inexpensive properties that are away from the water.

Currently, there is a high demand for single-family homes and apartments. This suggests that anyone trying to become an investor should steer clear of over-priced markets and properties. They should avoid these because there aren’t as many people who can afford to rent those rental properties.

So here’s the big question. Which cities are growing, and why should you consider investing in property in these cities?

Where Should You Invest?
According to a study done by GoBanking Rates, there are many factors that determine where you should invest in property. These factors consist of inventory, demographic trends, valuations/net rental yields, employment growth, interest and mortgage rates, and population growth. GoBanking surveyed over 60 of the most popular cities in the US and here are the top 5:

#5.) Columbus, Ohio

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Year after year, the value of homes in Columbus grows better than average each year. With a median list price of $179k and a median rent of $1,184, Columbus has the sixth-highest rental yield.

Although Columbus has a lower population & employment growth of 2.3% and 1.2%, home values have an above average growth rate of 9.2%.

#4.) Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs boasts a 4.1% increase in population and a 3% increase in employment. This is a great opportunity to start investing in property as home value has increased by over 10% with a rental yield of over 5%.

With that being said, Colorado Springs is one of the top 20 fastest growing cost of living.

#3.) Jacksonville, Florida

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Jacksonville is one of 5 Florida cities to make the top 20. At 3.1% growth in population and 3.2% growth in employment shows the city is on the rise.

With a home value increasing to over 10%, and a rental yield of almost 7%, Jacksonville can definitely make an investor some money.

#2.) Orlando, Florida

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At 4.8% Orlando’s population increase is only behind Miami and Seattle. At 3.5%, the employment increase is only second after Seattle.

With an increase in home value at almost 11% and a rental yield of 5.7%, Orlando is a top 3 city to own investment property.

#1) Arlington, Texas

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Arlington has kept a consistent population growth and a 3.4% rise in employment. With a median price of $240k, properties are still pretty affordable.

Along with the affordable prices of purchasing homes, the median rent is $1,498 making it comparatively high compared to the rest of the list. This makes Arlington the best city to own investment property.

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